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Welcome to Toronto

Toronto is the most populous city in Canada, filled with great things to see and do. You'll find getting a limousine in Toronto is a great way to enjoy the world of art and culture, the great shopping areas and restaurants... it's no wonder why Toronto is such a popular city! There's no better place to host a wedding, birthday celebration, or perhaps experience some bustling night-life with all of your friends in a Toronto limousine. When you're in the city with a group of people looking to have a great time, a limousine from Limousine Toronto is just a simple call away.

Let one of our luxury limousines take you wherever you need to be. You'll be comfortable in the updated leather interiors, and entertained with the features that come equipped. There's nothing better than a professional chauffeur driving you wherever your heart desires in such an amazing city! You can enjoy the finer things in life when you decide to rent with us.

The next time you're looking for a spectacular limousine, whether it be for a special celebration or a regular bar hopping night, you're sure to experience the best of Toronto with Limousine Toronto. Give us a call when you're ready to reserve the best transportation service of your life! We look forward to hearing from you.

Great Reviews from the Best Customers in the World!

We’ve heard nothing but good things from our customers and we’re double lucky when they take the time to post those positive reviews either here or on social media. Here are just a few of the kindest words that we’ve had the pleasure of reading:

“No Need for a Designated Driver!”
My friends and I used to argue about who would end up being the designated driver for the night, but no more since we have begun renting these limos! The professional chauffeurs serve as a dedicated designated driver all night long and we’re even able to drink legally while we are on the road! If that’s not a perk then I don’t know what is! We stop off at one of the nicest liquor stores in the area before we head out and we stock the built-in bar with all our favorite beverages. We save a ton of money at the bars that way too! We’ve never had anything but a smooth ride and a fun time on the road with this company and I definitely recommend them very highly!
- Michael D.

“Great for Business and Personal Events Alike”
I’m a local business owner and I often have clients coming in from out of town, not to mention the semi-regular event of heading out to conventions with my employees. I’ve found that it’s very convenient and also incredibly impressive to rent one of these vehicles for both types of outings. For the former, it makes a lasting impression on the client. For the latter, it’s a nice treat for hardworking staff who really deserve it and that pays off with their loyalty! Having said all that, I have also rented these limos for my personal events like birthday parties and anniversary celebrations and it’s all been just incredible. The versatility for different types of events is something I really appreciate and I love the fact that they know me by my first name at this point! Really great staff, truly outstanding vehicles. Can’t recommend them any more highly than I do.
- Harry W.

“Bachelorette Party + Wedding Day = Great Reasons to Rent!”
Super pleased with the service that I received from this company for both my bachelorette party and my wedding day. I actually booked both at the same time so that I could receive a discount and I do recommend that you do the same to save some money. Any time you book multiple events, you’ll get a pretty nice discount. The vehicle that they chose for my bachelorette party was wild and exciting and the one for my wedding was really elegant and impressive. There was more than enough room for my loved ones to spread out and enjoy themselves, a world away from our own smaller vehicles. Super high quality audio system and great TVs too. We had so much fun and I’m truly excited to book my next trip with this outstanding company!
- Amanda M.

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